S. Daniel McPhail (koh4711) wrote in redpandas,
S. Daniel McPhail

Picture Preview and Some News

Hey gang...

Thought I'd do a quick post here, as I've got a little news to share. For those of us who missed the Wild Kingdom special "Return of the Firecat", it will be airing again in June 3rd. I believe it's 7:00 Central, but probably not a bad idea to check your local listings. For those who haven't heard of it, it features two red pandas reintroduced to the wild, and features the first extensive footage of red pandas in the wild.

Also, I thought I might share a "preview" I posted on my own journal of the pictures and video I got yesterday of the Oklahoma City Zoo's elusive red panda. I spent a good 40 minutes yesterday observing her, and I'll probably post in more detail when the video and pictures go up. But I hope you enjoy.

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