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Baby Pics! -Cleveland Zoo

So the baby red panda (more than likely going to have the namePeng Song which means fluffy I just checked the voting site and Tiang Tong is winning! yay! That name means sweet boy and is the one I voted for) as of yesterday learned how to climb. However, he's not too sure of his footing up there and thus spent most of the time I was there in the little box at the top of their "upper level" in the habitat (eye level with those of us watching). He would pop out every once in awhile, and try to take some steps, but yeah, too far away to get any decent shots other than the two I'm posting.

Mama's name is Ruth and the father's name is Gordi. I ran into a gentleman who volunteers there with his wife, who is also obsessed with red pandas. Found out that the Buffalo zoo's resident female is a real meanie, which they assume is why Gordi never bred with her. They went through a huge process in order to match Ruth and Gordi up. Everyone was hoping for at least twins, but even one is a huge step. Here's hoping that there will be many more to come after this successful pairing of the rarer subspecies. The official name will be announced tomorrow morning in Fox 8 Cleveland's 8am hour, so I'll post as soon as I find out.

I also have a lot of video including a couple that show him stepping out, so I'll tinker around and see if I can't post a video or two, along with some other photos of Ruth (since Gordi slept the whole time!) when I make the announcement of the name
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