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The Real Kung Fu Panda [06 Nov 2009|05:33am]

courtesy of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Originally found on Zooborns
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New red panda photos [12 Oct 2009|08:00am]

Thought I might share a few new pics I got of Yoda, one of the red pandas at the Oklahoma City Zoo. He's been the more difficult of the two to get photos of(for me at least), and I was really pleased with how these turned out. Hope you enjoy!

Photo 9 Photo 9
I think this would be a nice compliment to the original State Fair winning piece.
Photo 48 Photo 48
This may be my favorite red panda image I've shot.

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Kung-Fu Panda [29 May 2008|10:11am]

Okay, this has been bugging me for a while.

The apparent master that is appearing in this upcoming movie is apparently a red panda, but I look at him and, if it is, I think it's a pretty bad rendition. I mean, a Barbie movie came out that had a better looking CG red panda in it!

So is he really a red panda, or just some sort of rusty lemur? What do you guys think?
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17 videos and several photos [11 May 2008|05:19pm]

ARKive.org has lots of video and photos of red pandas.

I truly believe the entire purpose of this planet is for these animals to exist. They are just that awesome.
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hope this is okay [31 Dec 2007|11:57am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Stumbled across this comm today and figured I'd share. Rather than re·host or re·post, I run a Panda community and we often get stuff in of red pandas. On top of that, we're pretty good, or I am, at keeping up on the tag system...

...so here's what we've had of the red panda thus far:



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Panda Snog [01 Nov 2007|12:53pm]


On the right hand side is a video of two panda in a Japanese Zoo kissing each other.
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[13 Oct 2007|08:55pm]

Reminded by the last post, if you hadn't caught it, one of the Barbie Island Princesses has a red panda as a friend!
And also, I went back to the Cleveland zoo in hopes of getting a good picture of little Tian Tong, and all three of the red pandas were in a playful mood and out!
So I give you under the cut, a not exactly clear (boo on crappy point and shoot cameras) but super cute picture of Tian Tong and his mum
clickyCollapse )
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Panda Sighting [12 Oct 2007|11:05am]

I was recently clued in to the fact that a new flavor of Celestial Seasonings tea has red pandas on the box:


Apparently there is also art on the back of the box with red pandas working. I wonder how many people this confuses at the store? XD
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Sorry Y'all [15 Sep 2007|10:54pm]

I've been incapacitated with an uber bad cold that may as well be the flu, so I've been mostly sleeping instead of working on getting the videos up
But I just wanted to let you know that the little bundle of fluff was name Tian Tong.
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Baby Pics! -Cleveland Zoo [13 Sep 2007|07:35pm]

So the baby red panda (more than likely going to have the namePeng Song which means fluffy I just checked the voting site and Tiang Tong is winning! yay! That name means sweet boy and is the one I voted for) as of yesterday learned how to climb. However, he's not too sure of his footing up there and thus spent most of the time I was there in the little box at the top of their "upper level" in the habitat (eye level with those of us watching). He would pop out every once in awhile, and try to take some steps, but yeah, too far away to get any decent shots other than the two I'm posting.

babyCollapse )

mama et babyCollapse )

Mama's name is Ruth and the father's name is Gordi. I ran into a gentleman who volunteers there with his wife, who is also obsessed with red pandas. Found out that the Buffalo zoo's resident female is a real meanie, which they assume is why Gordi never bred with her. They went through a huge process in order to match Ruth and Gordi up. Everyone was hoping for at least twins, but even one is a huge step. Here's hoping that there will be many more to come after this successful pairing of the rarer subspecies. The official name will be announced tomorrow morning in Fox 8 Cleveland's 8am hour, so I'll post as soon as I find out.

I also have a lot of video including a couple that show him stepping out, so I'll tinker around and see if I can't post a video or two, along with some other photos of Ruth (since Gordi slept the whole time!) when I make the announcement of the name
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Baby Red Panda at the Cleveland Zoo! [11 Sep 2007|02:14pm]


He's supposed to be out in the outdoor viewable part of the exhibit this month, so I'm going either Thursday or a week from Friday but will hopefully have pics.
You can vote for his name on the Fox 8 Cleveland website, although you have to sign up to vote
I voted to call him Tian Tong (sweet boy) although last i checked, Peng Song (fluffy) was winning
But the fact the parents were on loan from other zoos explains why I thought a good while ago that the red pandas were actually gone and why they don't have an indoor exhibit for them.

I also try and remember to post from my last venture in the middle of august. I caught footage of one of them cleaning its tail, so cute!
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RP collection, anyone? [01 Jul 2007|07:43pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Anyone want to buy my red panda collection??? Seriously. I will sell my entire collection for $275. Right now. Why? Because I would give them up for these:

I have been lusting for these boots for years and am going insane because I can't afford them. If ANYONE would be willing to pay $275 for my entire collection, PLEASE let me know! I have one bear in the set that alone is worth $100! Pass on this post, please!

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This Old Wah [15 May 2007|01:15am]

A few weeks ago I was waiting for my car and thumbing through a recent issue of Popular Mechanics when an ad caught my eye. Apparently, not only can red pandas consume large quantities of bamboo, but they are capable of building a deck with the remaining shoots.

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Picture Preview and Some News [14 May 2007|05:12pm]

Hey gang...

Thought I'd do a quick post here, as I've got a little news to share. For those of us who missed the Wild Kingdom special "Return of the Firecat", it will be airing again in June 3rd. I believe it's 7:00 Central, but probably not a bad idea to check your local listings. For those who haven't heard of it, it features two red pandas reintroduced to the wild, and features the first extensive footage of red pandas in the wild.

Also, I thought I might share a "preview" I posted on my own journal of the pictures and video I got yesterday of the Oklahoma City Zoo's elusive red panda. I spent a good 40 minutes yesterday observing her, and I'll probably post in more detail when the video and pictures go up. But I hope you enjoy.

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Futa, the standing red panda [11 May 2007|03:43pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Here's the panda that started my red panda obsession: Futa, the standing red panda!

Futa lives in the Chiba Zoological Park in Japan. There's an article about him with more photos here, and there's a huge photo and brief story here from National Geographic.

Oh my - I just learned that Futa is now the proud poppa of twins! Right on, Futa! Think the kids will follow in his footstands?
a few more picsCollapse )

OH MY GOODNESS. I just found a red panda group on Flickr, and someone linked to a video of Futa and the kids! *dies of cute overload*

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classification question [09 May 2007|12:13pm]

[ mood | curious ]

this came from the zoo_keepers community...

"white_jenna wrote in zookeepers,
@ 2007-05-09 10:18:00

Red panda question
So I'm getting caught up on Planet Earth (fantastic, by the way), and they just said that the red panda is "now viewed as a small mountain bear".
Did I miss another reclassification? Wikipedia still has them in the superfamily Mustelidea.
Thanks. :)"

Anyone know of this?
My two sources say Procyonids and Ailuridae...
(Encyclopedia of Mammals and ADW respectively)

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Red panda deviantart club [05 Mar 2007|12:52pm]

I made one >> http://redpanda-club.deviantart.com/
I'll be uploading images later.
If you have a DA account, you can join :)
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Introduction [11 Feb 2007|03:58am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello. I'm Julie and I adore red pandas. They are the cutest little things ever. I thought it wouldn't be a common one of interest, but I'm glad to be proven wrong!


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Red panda drawings [07 Jan 2007|10:37pm]

Red panda sleeping in my bed - drawn today:

Gnome me + red panda:

Me + red panda:

Me + red panda [scene from a dream]:

From a story I'm writing:

Red panda photo wallpaper:
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Japanese site with many photos [25 Dec 2006|05:40pm]


61 pages of pictures! Very cute ones (^^). I got them all saved~
Here's the link to the pictures:
Around 30 MB.
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