Meeper (mercury_chan) wrote in redpandas,

Reminded by the last post, if you hadn't caught it, one of the Barbie Island Princesses has a red panda as a friend!
And also, I went back to the Cleveland zoo in hopes of getting a good picture of little Tian Tong, and all three of the red pandas were in a playful mood and out!
So I give you under the cut, a not exactly clear (boo on crappy point and shoot cameras) but super cute picture of Tian Tong and his mum

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I was so excited when I found that out about that Barbie doll. I am thinking of buying the doll, cuz it comes with the Red Panda^^. I love the pics of the Red Pandas^^. I am going to the zoo later on today, and can't wait to see the cuteness^^.
Sweetie baby! Looks like he has adult colouring already. That's a great shot.